Mini Wireless Keyboard

Mini Wireless Keyboard: The Latest Revolution in Computer Industry

A mini wireless keyboard is a tiny version of Keyboards. These keyboards are easy to use and portable. It comes with a metal body with battery. This has a touchscreen as well. You can use it in Tablet, mobile, IOS, Linux and any other OS.
You are using a mini wireless keyboard with touch pad manual then they give back up of 48 hours from the time you fully charged. This keyboard is Light in weight and gives excellent typing feel. The keyboard has Bluetooth version of 3.0. Working voltage of the best wireless keyboard is 3.7 V. you can operate this keyboard from 15 m distance. Keyboard has 64 keys and buttons are made of ABS material.
Best Mini wireless keyboard with touch pad is not advisable to use while charging and also you need to keep it away from water. These keyboards are not waterproof.

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